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Si Sun Fast Food (時新快餐店) | Food Review

 Si Sun Fast Food (時新快餐店)


Burgers seem to be a favorite among the hungry Hong Kong people, what with there being long lines at every new burger joint opening up every other month. (See: Double Ds, Big Fernand, Burger Circus

While we welcome the new kids in town, let's take a moment to appreciate one of the older burger joints in Hong Kong that has survived the rent and the rants over the years.

★★★★ - Si Sun Fast Food (時新快餐店) is a HK-style restaurant in Hung Hom that serves burgers and other snacks.

  (Si Sun Fast Food, 1 Whampoa St, Hung Hom)

(Si Sun Fast Food, 1 Whampoa St, Hung Hom)

In true Hong Kong style, Si Sun is cheap, fast and consistent. Having been around for a good 50 years, the burgers at Si Sun have made it into the hearts of locals and tourists alike. 

There are a few burgers on the menu but are pretty much just variations of their Double Burger with cheese & egg. There are also pork and fish fillet burgers if you’d like to try those. 

Si Sun Burger

We ordered two of the above mentioned DB w/ C&E ($20), fried chicken wings ($15) and fries ($14). 


The fries were a little over done and mostly crunchy. The chicken wings were under seasoned but I guess it goes with preference. There’s always salt and pepper on the table if you feel you need more. 

The burger was very straightforward. Two burger patties, an egg, a slice of cheese and the Si Sun Special Sauce… which is probably just mayo and ketchup. A little bit on the smaller side compared to other burger places, but great nonetheless. 

The thing about eating at Si Sun is that you go knowing it is not the best out there. The restaurant itself gets two stars for being quaint and small. The food gets another two stars because they do serve up delicious stuff.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for some Hong Kong-style food and “comfort” to give Si Sun a try.